Turquoise Coast of Turkey- Video


Kas, Turkey

Kas- on Turkish Riveria

The turquoise coast of Turkey or the moniker Turkish Riviera should be on anyone’s itinerary if they have time to spend in this amazing country. When they call it the the turquoise coast, they are not lying. The colors of the sea are amazing and the cities that dot the coastal highways are all beautiful and built into the cliffs that surround them. The turquoise coast of Turkey has become a well known among the English and many vacation villas are springing up and it’s not unusual to see English style pubs and foods in some of these cities. The cities are still worth seeing if not for the waters and vast array of snorkel day trips you can take from the shores. Notable cities along the coast and worth visiting are: Ayvalik, Kas [pr: Kash], and perhaps the most iconic Turkish picture of the beaches, Oludeniz or the dead sea.

If you can’t afford the price of a rental car, you should think about the Turkish bus system, fast, efficient, snacks and some have wifi and tv’s in the seats for on-demand entertainment. I took a video as I traveled from Kas to Kalkan to show you the severe beauty of this coastline.



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