Oludeniz: Turkey's Dead Sea

Oludeniz- Taken from Cliff
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Oludeniz, or dead sea (olu = dead & deniz=sea), is perhaps the most famous vacationing spot on Turkey’s Aegean coast. Simply google Oludeniz and the resulting images are a reason it’s so popular. Bright blue skies with corresponding bright clear waters. If you are going to Turkey for holiday,, this is the place! Average Summer temps are 90 degrees (33 C) and daily azur skies to the point of repetition. In fact, I can;t remember it raining there once in over 90 days of visiting. The city starts atop the cliffs and drops into a little stretch of land nestled between high rock walls and heavenly salted waters. Many Brits call Oludeniz and the surrounding towns of Hisaronu home for several weeks in the summer. These cities strictly caters to foreigner visitors and it’s not unusual to cease hearing Turkish and only hear English in many sections of town.

There are plenty of places to stay in the Dead Sea area for you.

  1. Oludeniz- The most expensive option but you are a 5 minute walk from the beach (book early to snag these gems)
  2. Hisaronu– A bustling city adjoining to Oludeniz where bars, restaurants & souvenir shops overflow into the streets at night (sadly- most cater to UK visitors)
  3. Ovacik- A little further out albeit slightly tacky little town bordering Hisaronu.
  4. Fethiye– The best Turkish experience, Fethiye is 12 km or so from Oludeniz, has its own water access- (no real beaches though) but is the most relaxing option.

Transportation: Dolmus [pr: dol mush] buses (10 seater vans) run often between these cities and are relatively cheap (less than $2) to get around the area.

Things to do here:

  • Paragliding is very popular here due to high winds and nearby high elevation- paragliders float through the air an land right on the beach. Many tours operate right where they land. Rather pricey $90+
  • Relaxing on the beach, the rocks are the norm and sand is imported for a more beachy feel. There is 1 free beach (chairs and umbrellas do come with fee) and several private beaches belonging to many of the resorts in the area.
  • Eat and shop– tons of UK inspired restaurants along with local Turkish fare (kebab). It’s a bit pricer than eating in  Hisaranou but much more convenient.
  • Bars and Clubs- At night this place come alive with a party every night. Young female Brits mix it up with overworked yet extremely eager male Turks and Summer flings are born.
  • Boat tours- Many daily tours of the surrounding beautiful coast line depart around 9 or 10 am from the main strip of beach and return about 4-5 in the afternoon for about $15-20 (t & lunch included). Well worth it as they have all the equipment you will need including snorkel mask and fins and you will swim in some really terrific places. Fethiye has many daily boat tours as well that tour different parts of the coast.


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