Penis Envy: Cappadocia Love Valley

Penis Envy: Cappadocia Love Valley

Cappadocia Love Valley is a real place just outside of the city Goreme in Turkey’s Cappadocia region.Why it’s called the love valley is plainly obvious once you look at the photos below.

Please do not adjust your computer screen, objects appear larger than they actually are…ok, you got me, those suckers are huge and they are everywhere sprouting out of the earth like phallic mushrooms. Welcome to Cappadocia Love Valley! (Turkish write it: Kapadokya)

Standing erect between the Goreme open air museum and the town of Goreme, one finds this valley of the Super-sized Slongs. If you’ve got a good sense of humor and some hiking boots, you too can rummage through the underpants of this Turkish countryside. The site is free (a rarity in Turkey) and is definitely worth a peak.

We all know that blue sky make for the most optimal photo, take it in stride if you have a hard gray day and stiff winds. I saw the valley in Nov and Cappadocia was a mix of sunshine and blue skies and a couple gray days tucked in.

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Getting HereThe valley is actually smack between the town and the open air museum. There is no welcome sign, but an unassuming  small dirt road marks the way. I accidentally stumbled upon it while walking to the open air museum. The valley has lots of well worn hiking paths and can easily take a couple hours of your day, a nice unexpected detour.


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