Mileage Triple Dip

Mileage Triple Dip

Are you trying to earn miles for a free flight? If you are not taking advantage of shopping portals, you are definitely missing out of tens of thousands of miles. Shopping portals are offered by almost every mileage credit card and give you access to most major retailers, even Amazon. Not only are they great for general shopping, they allow you to buy gift cards for these retailers, which is the basis for the mileage triple dip. Read below to learn an incredibly easy way to triple dip your miles.

Mileage Credit Card

First, you will need a mileage credit card. Most of the credit mileage earning strategies start here. If you do not have one, I would consider getting one, read this on travel hacking to get started. These cards are the foundation of any mileage building strategy.

Airline Shopping Portal

Second, you need to register with an airline shopping portal. Every credit card has a portal, usually found within the credit card dashboard. Grab your Chase Sapphire or United Explorer card or whatever card delivers miles to your preferred airline and sign up to use that portal.

Portal Double DipI noticed that recently, I have been able to double dip with my portals. This means, I have used one portal to make a purchase but am getting the purchase credit on a 2nd portal. This has been happening when I use AAdvantage and MyPoints portals. MyPoints has an extension in Chrome that tracks my visits and lets me know of any website is eligible for points. Well, this still rings true when I use AA’s portal to buy a gift card, MyPoints tracks this purchase as if I has used their site and the points appear in my account. I assume this is a glitch and will be fixed one of these days but am enjoying the ride.

mileage triple dip 1


Third, sign up for the newsletters from that shopping portal. Why? These portals are going to run some amazing deals with 4x, 5x or even 10x mileage offers. Remember 100% of your online purchases should be made through a portal, so these incentive emails are great ways to figure out when & where to shop. Knowing when these are happening are just valuable for your overall mileage goals.

Tip I set up a special folder for all my mileage emails and recommend signing up for every newsletter you can get your hands one. I receive anywhere from 20-30 emails a day from various mileage programs and shopping portals. I created a special folder and every newsletter and deal automatically route to this folder and out of my inbox.

Gift Card

Fourth, use the portal to buy a gift card to a desired retailer. This is the goose that lays the golden egg. Gift cards are the best way to earn miles upon miles. You can buy gift cards to Amazon, CVS and other amazing stores. Make sure you buy this gift card through your portal with your miles credit card. At this point you have double dipped your miles (miles for the gift card through the portal + miles earned from using your miles credit card). Remember I said to sign up for portal newsletters, well, I often see gift card retailer mileage bonuses. Buy $100 in any gift card and receive 500 miles. Since gift cards are practically like cash, you can stock up on this during their incentive sales.

Airline Shopping Portal x 2

Fifth, once you have the gift card (either electronically or in the mail, I highly recommend you opt for an electronic gift card for faster turnaround). Go back through the shopping portal to use it. Click on the retailer as you normally would and go into their website and make your purchase using the gift card. As far as the portal is concerned, this is a net new purchase and you accrue miles for this unique purchase. At this point, you have done the mileage triple dip (miles for the gift card + miles earned from using your miles credit card + miles earned for using your gift card through the shopping portal). And if you find yourself in a scenario where you are double dipping in mileage from 2 shopping portals during a mileage booster sale, you have pulled off a max quad dip. It’s hard to imagine paying $100 for a gift card but earning over 500 miles for it, that is 2 cents a mile!

FYISome portals forget to credit your account for purchases, gift card or otherwise. Make sure you save and notate all receipts in your email in case you need to submit a proof of purchase. I recently spent $60 through the AA portal and American ‘forgot’ to credit my account 720 miles (it was a x12 multiplier purchase).

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