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The Big Fat World was once just a simple travel blog but is a wonderful resource for travelers looking for information on over 40 countries. We are currently accepting applications for advertisers who have the right BFW stuff! Our target audience are the Flashpackers and major Holiday goers. Not all of us can chuck it in and travel full time but those who have the  2-5 weeks a year really want to maximize that time and this blog is for them.

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Types of advertising:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Banner advertising
  • Sidebar advertising
  • Reviews- products and places that relate to travel
  • Any creative way to get your brand out there while promoting travel to the masses

If you are interested in advertising, want a review, or simply a friend to talk to, please  inquire below.  Besides greenbacks, BFW works for frequent flier miles, passport photos, Parisian bistro lunches, and hotel reservations in the Recoleta district of Buenos Aires.

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