Top 10 Things to do in Amsterdam

Kinder transport to the max!

Amsterdam, Amsterdam, while this magnificent city is mostly known for its sin, fabulous public transportation, and abnormal addiction to mayonnaise, there is so much more than debauchery going on in this town. Take a gander at my Top 10 list.

  1. Canal boat tour – the first you should do to get acquainted with the city. Touristy, I know, but well worth it!
  2. Red Light District – look, but don’t take pictures or you’ll get mauled by either the pimp or the ladies in the windows.
  3. Rijks museum – hang out in front of Rembrandt’s masterpiece of  “The Night Watch” and more at this National Museum.
  4. Van Gogh Museum – although this modern structure houses over 200 Van Gogh pieces, there are other impressionists works as well. A must see for any lover of art!
  5. Vondelpark – hang out with the locals, drink wine/beer in the largest park in A’dam
  6. Patat met mayo (Fries and mayonaise) – a national food
  7. Anne Frank’s house – bring tissue!
  8. Pannekoeken (Dutch pancakes) – more like a large thin crepe, another fabulous Dutch food you can get anywhere in the city either sweet or savory.
  9. Heineken Museum – nothing like a fresh beertje! Do an interactive tour of the brewery, get a free half pint and free beer, with the purchase of your ticket of course. Really fun and must do tour!
  10. Albert Cuyp market – four to six blocks of an open air market where you can get anything from clothes to fresh produce. Must try the fresh squeezed orange juice and the hot of the press stroop waffels (two large thin waffels with caramel like filling) Divine!




  1. Cool, I’ll take note of this. I’m going to be in Ecuador for a few weeks this spring.

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