Top 10 Things to Do in Ecuador

Top 10 Things to Do in Ecuador

Ecuador, located on the Northwestern slice of South America is an ideal vacation spot. The country widely uses the dollar as currency, The Spanish is clean, the food is tasty, and the chicken buses are plentiful. PLus Ecuador

1.  Galapagos, Galapagos, Galapagos…need I say more?
2. Spend a long weekend in Baños, known for it’s spas and waterfalls (Spanish schools too)
3.  Eat local. Try humitas (corn like tamales filled with white cheese), Tortillas con queso (cheese stuffed corn tortillas).
4.    Go on the Teleferiq in Quito. It’s a cable car trip up a mountain with the city below.
5.    Seek out the Sun Route ( La Routa de Sol), north of Guayaquil and visit all the small fishing/surfing towns along its way, especially Montanita.
6.    Visit historic Quenca for a the true history of Ecuador.
7.    See the largest city in Ecuador, Guayaquil. Especially check out the Malecon, or its local boardwalk.
8.    Take a taxi to a Pantecillo in Quito. It’s a large angel that watches over the city.
9.    Say you stood in the center of the Earth– latitude 0 0 0
10.  Spend a long day exploring the streets of historic central Quito.


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