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Friend JC near El Nido

Palawan Pictures

[google-maps width=”480″] Palawan is one of many islands in the Philippines and holds a spell over any visitor who is lucky enough to see it. I spend a short time here but wanted to give...

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Road Image- County Kerry Ireland

County Kerry, Ireland, How I Love Thee

[google-maps height=300 width=500] County Kerry in Ireland has all that visitors want out of a trip to Ireland. Idyllic villages, curvy lanes, sleepy fishing towns, and jaw dropping scenery. County Kerry is home to the...

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Wawel Castle (Krakow)

Photos of Krakow, Poland

Krakow is the most beautiful city in Poland. It’s central square square is unmatched, it has one of the oldest universities in Europe, and thanks to luck, it was not destroyed during WWII.

Auschwitz Camp-originally the women's camp

Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Going to Auschwitz and its sister camp, Auschwitz-Bikenau is a extremely painful experience. The first time I went was in 1998 and returned again in 2007. To get to camps, you must go by way...

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Row of Marine Iguanas

Galapagos Pictures (Part 2)

Here is another set of Galapagos pictures. I focused on the animal life in these series of shots. Animals are truly what make the Galapagos a natural wonder. They live in almost perfect harmony with their neighbors the...

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One of my favorite photos of Vietnam

Photos of Vietnam

Travel to Vietnam does not require tours to see the majesty of this country, just a hunger for new sights and smells. Take a photographic tour.

Bank of America HQ- tallest in Uptown

Charlotte: Uptown is the New Downtown

Charlotte is my home and one never truly appreciates their home unless they live in NYC/Chicago/LA. From this Charlottean to the world, enjoy a photo essay of my city.

Lake in Kerry

Photos of County Kerry

Ireland in March is a feast for the eyes and an even grander feast when bright green fields pop against even brighter blue skies. Enjoy County Kerry and it’s spoils.