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the sight of glorious communism

Vietnam is Communist?

Vietnam is communist? When one travels to Vietnam, you are not immediately struck with over emphasis of it’s current communist government. Vietnam is not considered one of the axis of evils but this booming country’s...

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Prague Metro

Prague, you are such a hot babe!

Prague has got to be one of the most talked about, over-rated cities in Eastern Europe, but I’ll tell you one thing…IT IS WORTH SEEING!!!! This gem of a city has everything those hot shots...

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Tyranny and Occupation in Latvia

Riga has a 800 or so year old history but what fascinates me most are the last 70 years of it. This starts with the Soviet occupation in 1940, then Germany’s in 1941, then the...

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Hip hip horray for opression!

Stalin is my BFF: Statue Park Hungary

Where did all the communist tributes to the masters and people of the Soviet Empire go after the wall? Statue Park outside of Budapest, of course. This is a treasure trove of Communism past. You...

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