The Neighborhood of the World in Ecuador


Ever wanted to live in 2 places at the same time? I would love to live in NYC and Paris, or Rome and London, why not Guayaquil, Ecuador and Paris, NYC, London, AND Rome all at the same time? Well, if you haven’t guessed by now, that dream can be a reality if you buy one of the palatial estates in the Valle Alto neighborhood. Not only will you be serenaded by great prices but each neighborhood is named for a different world city and has a famous landmark or each entrance. You may think for a minute that when you enter New York and see the Brooklyn Bridge and State if Liberty, that you are in fact in NYC or some scale model of the bustling city. Well almost.

But if you are expecting the home architecture to replicate the cities they represent, you may be disappointed. You can feel for a brief moment like you are in a different country but the truth hits you like an Ecuadorian cinder block, when the houses look like any normal cement structure albeit at a lower per square footage cost!



  1. haha, a real little world!

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