Standing in the Center of the World (Ecuador Vacation)

Ground Zero

There is a special feeling that overcomes you as you approach el Mitad del Mundo (Center of the World). You are heading to the absolute spot where all the directions collide and the coordinates read 0 0 0.

The Ecuadorians have done much to keep the importance of this place intact and have not Disney-landed up the park. There are some small restaurants (some serving guinea pig), a few artisans’ shops, and a small kids park.

Little known fact, only know to the locals, the real, real equator is actually ½ a mile away. When the monument makers wanted to build a tribute to their geographical superiority, they were unable to do it on the very site and had to move the site someways away.



  1. The sky is a perfect shade of blue in those pictures. If I’m ever in Ecuador got to check it out.

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