Most Commonly Forgotten Travel Items

Most Commonly Forgotten Travel Items

We are only human and we are going to forget stuff when we travel. In some cases the stuff is easy to replace like toothpaste and in other cases, it’s a nightmare, an extra credit card in case the 1st is lost or stolen. I have traveled a ton and still manage to forget some obvious items. I put together a list of the most commonly forgotten travel items all of us seem to forget from time to time.

  1. Cell phone or camera battery charger – This one is a pain when it’s forgotten. Yes, you can replace these items but at a huge cost of money and time. Cell phones usually need to be charged every night so forgetting your charger renders them goners on day 2 of your adventure. Camera battery chargers can be found in most electronics stores overseas but going to 5 in Kathmandu, Nepal and struggling through the language barrier was not fun. Ninja Tip: If you forget this item, check with your hotel’s lost & found as many people tend to forget these very things when they depart.
  2. Driver’s License – This one is only needed if you rent a car but man when you don’t bring it and need a car or have a reservation for a car, it can be a nightmare. This happened to me recently in Croatia. I was lucky that I had a photo of my license on my phone and they accepted that. Ninja Tip: Take a photo and/or scan a copy of it and keep it with copies of your passport & credit cards + on your phone.
  3. Stay Healthy Kit – Being sick from an airplane sucks so I always travel with my health kit. It contains airborne, Vitamin C packets, zinc, & charcoal pills. The 1st 2 prevent the germs from rooting in your system and the other 2 obliterate them if they do. Charcoal is especially great for tummy issues caused by delicious street food you really wanted to try. Ninja Tip: Start taking the Airborne the day of the flight and during. This is enough of the good stuff to keep the bad stuff from settling in.
  4. Bathing suit – I do not know how many things I have forgotten this item even when I am going to a country warm enough for swimming. It’s such a pain. I have no clever way not to forget it outside of writing a note to not forget it.

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Ninja Tip – A good way not to miss anything is to place all the items you are packing on a table or bed so you can see what you have and what you may have missed, then visualize each day of your trip. Are you going to the pool or ocean? Are you hiking or horseback riding? Are you doing any fancy nights out? Once you have a mental mind map of your itinerary, you can check to make sure you have everything.


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