Mijn Liefde, Amsterdam!

Okay, so we all know what Amsterdam is known for, but after living there for four years you tend to get past all that.  “Mijn liefde” is my attempt at the ever so difficult Dutch language to say “My Darling, A’dam”.  I have many fond memories of this architectural beauty. I fell in love there, got married there, no, not to a Dutchman but a gorgeous Irishman. Spending so much time in a place, you really learn where the locals go. So, I would like to present you with a few hole-in-the-wall “gezellig” (no word comes close to describing this in English….closest literal translation is cozy).

WARNING: Your Amsterdam experience will go through the roof if you go down this less traveled path.

1. Upstairs Pannenkoeken Huis

A MUST visit straight up the traditional Dutch staircase, relax in this gezellig cafe with the ceiling adorned in a fancy collection of teapots. Dutch pancakes are similar to French crepes, but better!  Lovely owner prides himself in local bought specialty teas, homegrown fruit and mouthwatering menu. FYI- DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SHARE!!! To keep the place quaint, they only allow ten people at a time, thus not too much turn around as one would get in the typical American setting.  My fav is definitely the spek, kaas & tomaat (bacon, cheese & tomato) for the savory and any of the fresh fruit ones are delectable.

Grimburgwal 2

1012 GA Amsterdam

2. Tibetan Restaurant

Attentive, friendly staff there to make it the best meal for you. My fav is the vegetable momos (steamed dumplings), sizzling chicken or beef entree and the Tibetan tea. Feels like you are actually in Tibet with all the decor, music, pics, and running video of Tibet as you eat. Must travel through the crowded streets of the Red Light District, but very worth your while.

Lange Nietzel 24

1012 GT Amsterdam

3. Molly Malone’s Irish Pub

Don’t have enough $ to make it to Ireland? No worries, pop into Molly’s & you’ll feel right there. Best Irish breakfast, pints to order, gezellig atmosphere and don’t forget the dog running around to greet you!


Oudezijds Kolk 9

1012 AL Amsterdam

4. Browerij’t IJ (The Ostrich Brewery)

Great local brewery in an old windmill – knock out 2 birds with one stone! Sit back & enjoy their brews, tour the windmill and stay out of the rain!


5. Liquor it up!

This bar has more than 60 choices of liquor. That’s right, a full menu of nothing, but liquor! This is the place to go after dinner, bring some cards or a good book to sit by the fireplace in the back & enjoy the gezillig atmosphere. Usually the Dutch crowd, so don’t feel timid. Step right up and ask for the menu, tell them when you are ready to order. Because I only know it by sight, trying to get the exact location…believe it is on the corner of Niewebrugsteeg and Sint Olofspoort. Will keep you posted!


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