Passing on the Right (Driving in Ireland)

Lonely road in Galway

Funny thing about Ireland are what it calls driving. Now, I am no expert but going 100km (70 mph) down windy country roads around hairpin turns on 2-lane roads no larger than a golf cart path may seen normal to the Irish, but I am American, and we like our roads to be large enough that double-decker hummers can fit and our speed limits to be kept in check by sneaky state troopers hidden by the highway overpasses.

But when you are in Rome……and such is this expression that I found myself a statistic, I was a victim of a flat tire. I was letting my inner Irish come out and was driving speeds I should not and will not utter here, found myself going head to head with one Irish rock on one narrow Irish road, and high Irish speeds. Thanks to a couple of nice Poles (apparently there are none left in Poland, cause they are all in Dublin) helped me change my flat. After a debacle with hertz on car replacement, I soon made myself out of the Galway airport with an Avis rental car…so long sweet dear Opel Astra, hello Nissan Micra.


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