County Kerry, Ireland, How I Love Thee

Road Image- County Kerry Ireland
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County Kerry in Ireland has all that visitors want out of a trip to Ireland. Idyllic villages, curvy lanes, sleepy fishing towns, and jaw dropping scenery. County Kerry is home to the Dingle Peninsula and Ring of Kerry to name a few and carries the same raw beauty as County Galway. All that this humble hamlet lacks is the bustle of a major metropolitan city.

Once you think it can’t get any more beautiful, Kerry one ups itself and redefines your impressions of Ireland. The Dingle Peninsula and Ring of Kerry being its most famous scapes both shock you with their beauty, but differ in incredible ways.

The Ring is Kerry is this barren-esque valley surrounded by mountains with roads that gut wrenchingly throw you around their turns and lakes that fill in between. I am not sure if it was the season or the valley itself for the brown color of the vistas. And it’s utter lack of trees both delights and frightens me.

The Dingle Peninsula main purpose is to guide you around the sea through those idyllic fishing villages and promises to captivate you around every bend. The priceless views are everywhere and can really overwhelm you. Because of these million dollar views, the roads all around the DP are hood to fender traffic snarls in the summer.  My advice would be to arrive in the solitude of March as to avoid the April deluge of coach buses.

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