Photos of Galway

County Galway and no a soul to be seen

Galway County in Ireland is one of the most splendidly beautiful places I have ever seen. I was figuratively and literally blown away here. I was also amazed that as long as I was on the road, I never saw other cars. I drove for a solid hour w/o anyone passing me, this really lead to my ideal that Galway is a isolated land. Here is a photo journey of this land.

I stopped my car almost every 5 min to take a photo and no one ever passed me or approached from the opposite direction. In fact most of my trip to Ireland was like that. Locals said I went at the perfect time (March) just before the tourist hoards start to arrive in April.

I would drive and drive and continue to see the same flock of sheep due to their distinguishing colors and they were everywhere, in the road, up on rocks, and around the bends.


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