Cliffs of Moher: 2 feet from death

They should really call these the suicide cliffs or the edges of death. While the cliffs are considered a national monument and have a quasi entry fee, little is done to ensure the safety of the voyers. To mark my point, as you make your way up the highlighted, protected, fenced in path to the breathtaking look out point, one cant help but notice the myriad of people that look like they are a half mile down on the cliffs trail past the big sign that says: FORBIDDEN TO PASS THIS POINT.

Those are actually my feet!

Funny thing, they put up the sign but the people politely walk by it and continue on their way with no railing or protection of any kind, simply waiting for a big gust of wind to dump them down the half-mile drop into the icy craggy ocean. Some of the brighter ones get as close as they can to the edge for the optimum photo making in hopes of making the Guiness books for how stupid a human being could possibly be. It was a lucky day, no one died but there is always tommorrow.



  1. OMG! These cliffs scare the s**t out of me, just looking at the picture. We were there, and my friend got it into his head to cross the barrier, to get a closer look… I wasn’t afraid of heights until after that stupid choice to follow him…all I could imagine is getting blown of the cliff to our deaths, fortunately we were spared, but I still get an uneasy feeling in my stomach when I see pictures of the Cliff of Moher.

    Although they certainly are gorgeous, just be smart and don’t cross the barrier.

  2. I was there today (visiting from Canada) and saw a girl fall. It was awful!

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