Doha Funny Road Signs


Doha is not an exciting Middle eastern city. It doesn’t have the style of Dubai, the artsy eateries in Beirut, or the threat of eminent death like Kabul, but it does have a fine selection of hilarious, funny road signs. I was on a 7 hour layover and bought a $30 visa and popped out into this emerging city and took in it’s culture and quirky warnings.

To this Western visitor, this is hands down the best signage I have seen in 32 countries.

Speeders will be spit upon by Allah!

Diversion ahead? Yeah, I love a nice diversion.

Yield for Allah!

This is a Qatar Man crossing only. Violaters will prosecuted!

See there is a woman's crossing. Doha is an equal opportunity country!




  1. Wow, some great observations of what looks like quite a dull country 🙂

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