Eat Local! The Foods of Poland

Zywiec- the national beer of the Poles
[ad#adsense:vertical/no outline] You don’t think that former soviet block countries have much to offer in terms of culinary arts besides great vodka, well some may agree but I was pleasantly surprised by the variety and quality of the Polish diet. Mind you, they love some beets in this country and cabbage is in almost everything, but alas, foreign influenced food has leaked into the country and Pizza Huts do reside here (if you don’t mind ketchup on your pizza). Here is a Polish food survival guide that will keep your strength up on your next visit to Poland.

  1. Paczki (pr: pan-shki) is a delightful little doughnut with marmalade inside. Eaten in great abundance around Easter.
  2. Nalesniki- polish crepes (think French crepes) stuffed and rolled like a cigar. Served savory or sweet. I had my Polish roommate give me one with mushrooms- OMG, it was good!!! Throw some sour cream over the savory ones, you won’t be sorry or stay on a low calorie diet either!.
  3. Zywiec- (pr: ji -viettes) It is the national beer of Poland and sports a couple of Renaissance Poles dancing gaily upon their label. Nice light lager similar to a Budweiser.

    Zywiec- the national beer of the Poles

  4. Zubrowka–  (pr: jew- brovka) This is the original Bison vodka. I have heard you can get it in the US but has yet to see it(maybe NYC). This is a nice spicy vodka with a piece of bison grass in it. It was banned from import into the US because the grass contains some psychotic drug characteristics or something. It is also fabulous with apple juice. The spiciness works well with the acid in the juice (Zubrowka i sokom jablakowy -my spelling may be a little off).
  5. Pierogi– little Russian dumplings of heaven. Some come with meat, others potato and cheese(pierogies ruskie), while others are the nations standby vegetable, cabbage. The best pierogis come drenched in bacon grease, bacon bits and sour cream.

    God' gift to your taste buds

  6. Wisniowka (pr: vish- novka) – This is the best wash to finish a Polish meal. It is a nice cherry liquor served as a shot after a gut wrenching Polish supper. If you like, you can also find Wisnowka in the liquor stores. images
  7. Kapusta- means cabbage and it is in EVERYTHING (borsch, bigos, as a side, stuffed into something, cooked, raw). Not my favorite thing to eat but it’s ubiquitous nature lends itself to be mentioned.



  1. wow! a good post on food.

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  2. The polish crepes sound good. I’ll add them to the list of food to devour when I get there. The beer is just a given 🙂

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