Bike Me! (Amsterdam)

Nothing says Amsterdam like the ubiquitous bike, ok, well maybe marijuana, canals, fries with mayo also say it as well, but you know what I mean.

The bike is the mainstay of the Dutch, they ride it through rain, sleet, snow, and all the weather in between. Seeing bridges and buildings covered in bikes is not an uncommon site and many the tourist (myself included) have succumbed to being almost knocked down by a cycling Dutchman.

Bikes are a right for the Dutch and cycling is something shared by the entire family whether on their way to school/work or for a day in the park. The family units and their sometimes odd-bikes are a fixed site on the clusters of Amsterdam streets.

Here is a selection of the all common and not so common Amsterdam bike.

**Can you imagine seeing this one in the States? Yep, Mom and baby biking down the avenue with social services quickly on their tail…



  1. The Dutch are brilliant. Look at the kids in the bin. How cute is that!

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