Wow Airlines $400 Flights to Europe

Wow Airlines $400 Flights to Europe

$400 flights to EuropeI recently discovered a budget carrier called Wow Airlines. They are an Icelandic airline offering incredible deals to Europe and Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik. Wow recently launched a $99 fare sale from the two US locations to Amsterdam and Paris and the whole world got into a tizzy. While, many are hard pressed to get a RT flight to anywhere in Europe for sub $300 or even sub $400 (even with a couple fees), the airline itself has lots of other flights that are very very competitive and if you don’t mind stopping off in Reykjavik sometimes, a lot of fun too.


Wow Airlines Flight to Europe

Wow Airlines Flight to Europe: Sub $600 flight for October- DC-Paris

Wow offers many european destination cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and only 2 US departure cities (Boston and Washington DC-BWI), so choices tend to be limited to east coasters. It’s been many blue moons since I have booked a sub $500 flight to anywhere Europe, my last great score was a $465 flight to Munich in 2008, (ahh -those were the days) so if I can get semi close, I am giddy like a kid Christmas morning.

Performing a standard flight search from BWI-CDG (DC-Paris) in October produced a sub $600 flight over 7 days. But that doesn’t include the extras (see below).

Budget carriers are budget for a reason, the no-frill aspect of them is great for cheapskates like myself or constricting for others spoiled with business class upgrades. Don’t let the low fares seduce you too much as the motto ‘You get what you pay for’ is certainly present. Here is what you can expect through Wow Airlines:

  • Carry on bags (over 11lb) RT: $76
  • Checked bags (under 44lb) RT: $13
  • Seat selection RT: $18
  • No complimentary meals
  • No complimentary alcohol
  • No Wi-Fi
  • No in-flight entertainment

The airline flies a stable of Airbus A320 and A321 aircrafts which according to Seat Guru are 3 seat by 3 seat configurations and 174-200 total seats. Bring an iPad full of movies as there is no in-flight entertainment.

Another big question I expect that is going through your mind- is it a safe airline? As of writing, there have been no crashes or other kefuffles on Wow Airlines. All the planes are brand new and no travelers have reported duck tape on any important parts of the plane, so that could go a long way towards your piece of mind.

Whether you can go this low and still have an enjoyable flight is up to each traveler. At least Wow Airline flights to Europe are only 4.5 hours from Boston, if you go to Reykjavik, so you would not be that uncomfortable for very long. But it’s an enticing value prop for most of us to consider if we are going to Europe soon and during the off season as we can score 30-40% off those fares in the high season.


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