Packing for an Ibiza Party

Packing for an Ibiza Party

Packing for a Ibiza party doesn’t have to be hard. The ultimate clubbing island requires little to enjoy the ultimate party vacation. Here are some of the essentials for your suitcase.

At least two bathing suits

Making sure you have a backup bathing suit can save a lot of time and hassle. Finding a flattering style and fit can take time. You don’t necessarily want to take up your vacation time shopping for a replacement bathing suit if you damage your only one.

 Prescriptions or medicines you may need

Make sure you pack more than you need of a prescription in case you stay longer. Many travelers recommend a basic first aid kit.

Sunscreen and/or tanning oil

You don’t want to run out of your chosen brand, so make sure you bring a fresh bottle. Although you can buy this sort of thing all over Ibiza, if you have a brand you prefer over all others, it is best to bring it.

A beach bag big enough for all your beach essentials

Keeping your beach essentials organized is a priority. If you lose something on a busy sandy beach it can be near impossible to find again. Don’t underestimate the size you need but at the same time don’t go overboard with what you haul around the beach as it can get tiring when you’re there to have fun!

An extra debit or credit card

Being on the beach or just getting caught up in the moment can lead to a lost wallet or dropped card. Making sure you have an alternative payment method stashed in your hotel room can be a big relief if this happens, especially if you are traveling alone.

Club clothes

Most people that travel to Ibiza are anxious to partake in the vibrant club scene. The right gear for clubbing in a hot climate is a wardrobe must. Don’t be afraid to pack some hot new dresses and a selection of body stockings and hosiery to get your groove on. Be sure to check out Space, one of Ibiza’s hottest nightclubs. With a capacity of 5,000, it is one big party that you will always remember. The better you dress, the more likely that you will be able to take advantage of the great VIP lounges at choice clubs. Clubs can be hot places, so less is considered best when it comes to clubwear.

Advance club tickets

If you don’t mind planning in advance, you can purchase tickets to clubs ahead of time and avoid long lines and waits. This does, however, put your vacation on a more of a schedule. Some feel it is well worth it though to ensure that you can get into the clubs you want and spend more time partying and less time standing around.

A different side of Ibiza

While Ibiza has a reputation for being the ultimate party island, it also contains areas that are more slow-paced. This side of Ibiza is not something that you should ignore on your visit. For a more relaxed club experience try Rave in a Cave near the West End. Ocean Beach offers opportunities to take it down a notch and relax away from the larger crowds.


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