Stalin is my BFF: Statue Park Hungary

Hip hip horray for opression!

Where did all the communist tributes to the masters and people of the Soviet Empire go after the wall? Statue Park outside of Budapest, of course. This is a treasure trove of Communism past. You can see all the movers and shakers of a fallen era, including the ubiquitous Stalin and Lenin. Don’t forget to snap a picture of you in a Trabant and visit the gift shop before leaving. I picked up a coffee cup with the immortal and very accurate words:
Wake Up! Drink Coffee! Work for State!

Statue Park, or Szobor Park

Direct bus line to Memento Park from downtown every day. The bus leaves from Deák Square (Deák tér – Metro N°1,2,3), from the bus stop distinguished by the Memento Park-timetable.



  1. Hi!

    A friend of mine also went to Statue Park, and brought me a Red Star coffee mug. I noticed his is getting faded & worn. Do they have an official website? I’ve tried looking, but am wary of shopping online from overseas and am not sure what I’ve found is legit.

    For a trade-in-kind, if you’ve been to Prague and had tea there, I found a distributor for Dobra Caçnova tea in the US, out of Vermont. They’re legit and exactly what we got at “The Good Tea Room” off the square.


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