Top 5 Places to Go In Croatia

Top 5 Places to Go In Croatia

Croatia, glorious Croatia is a country I could go back to over and over. It is geographically so varied from the plains to the mountains to the coastline. It has a very robust (and delicious) wine industry and all it’s old towns look like part-time move sets. I spent a month traveling here and put together a list of the best 5 places to go. This list is, of course, subjective and a many of the places you go depend on the time of year. Best time to come to Croatia is May through September with July and August being the high of high season.

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1. Dubrovnik – Hands down one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Perhaps one of the most touristy as well. Dubrovnik is the crown jewel of any trip to Croatia and should be left for last as it is the culmination of architecture, cuisine and history. Come on, Game of Thrones was filmed here after all.

traveling to croatia on a budget-4

Easter Sunday in Dubrovnik

2. Split – A close 2nd in beauty to Dubrovnik and only a couple hours north up the coast but a much chiller (and cheaper) city to Dubrovnik. The Riva, the local boardwalk, is a great place to hang and enjoy sunsets and drink down large quantities of Croatian dingac.IMG_9174

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3. Istria region – This area comprises the entire NW region of Croatia and includes the cities of Pula, Rovinj and Porec. Istria is known for it’s proximity to Italy and amazing wines but considering it’s all coastline, all the amenities that comes with ocean access avail here. Pula has an amazing and intact coliseum. Rovinj is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia and intermixed among all these cities are heaps of vineyards.

5 Things to Do in Pula Croatia

Pula in March

4. Plitvice Lakes – High up in the mountains are the lakes, a national park and worth a day of exploring. The series of 17 lakes are full of walking paths and waterfalls. The area is a visual feast and merits at least a day as you head southward to the Dalmatian coast.


March, several lakes are flooded but it was still amazing.

5. Hvar Island – A short ferry ride from Split, this is one of the most talked about islands off the coast Croatia. It is quite a popular island with beaches and is also one of the two most famous winemaking zones in Croatia, the other being the peninsula of Pelješac.


Not Hvar, just a gorgeous photo of the Adriatic

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  1. I too love Croatia and have been numerous times from Australia. Too me it’s the most visually stunning place in the world and the kind if place you want to stay and soak in rather than just visit. My hidden treasures I’d like you to google are Island Murter and Kornati archipelago, Varazdin,Rastoke, Komiza and Stiniva cove in the island of Vis, Sibenik and the beautiful island and towns of Losinj. Too much beauty I’m sure you’ll agree

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