OMG, It's a wiener dog….in Hungary!

OMG, It's a wiener dog….in Hungary!

Anyone who knows me knows I have an unhealthy obsession with dachshunds. It started in childhood with 6 (yes, 6, my mother was a bit of a nut about them too) and continues today. My current tally is 3 (tweenie red, dapple, and chunky brown), a x-mas present from ‘guess who?’ my mother.

In saying this, I am always on the look out for a foreign doxies and much to my delight, I have seen several in the flesh and in print. So, in addition to posts about foreign locals, I am going to add a section dedicated to these adorable badger hounds called: “OMG, It’s a Wiener Dog in….”

This is perhaps my favorite sign, wiener or no wiener. I found it in Hungary on an auspicious street in a posher area of town. Not knowing Hungarian, I thought it was simply a ‘pick up your dogs mess’ sign. When luck intervened and I found a Hungarian Speaker, the sign took on an entirely new meaning……

Rough Translation: Just because you are rich and live in Budapest, doesn’t mean you don’t have to pick up your dog’s crap

Actually, the sign is major diss to people who live in Terezvaros (Terezvarosi), a very affluent neighborhood of Budapest. It was written to let them know they are not above the rest of the citizens of Buda and Pest and should pick up their dogs excrement!



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