Yo Mama is a Filipino Jeepney

The Filipino jeepney in Puerto Princesa

What is a Filipino jeepney?  Well, you can accurately describe a jeepney as a supped up army jeep dipped in out of this world colors and embellishments simply but not exactly like the chicken buses of  Central America. In my continuing series of ‘Yo Mama is a Chicken Bus’  or in this case a Filipino jeepney, I bring you the Filipino chicken bus. These chicken buses, er sorry, filipino jeepneys are a relic from WW II ( you remember that the Philippines had a major role in the theater conflict dont you?). After the war and when the  United States was exiting the country, the US Army began a mass sell off of their inventory.  You know guns, bullets and their standard army jeeps. The welcoming Filipino’s happy purchased these  and with a little elbow greese turned them into the works of art that they are today. Flamboyant colors, chrome accents and little personalizations by the driver all add up to one heck of a mass transit vehicle.

Well the jeepney fever  hit all over the Philippines and such there have been major investment in jeepney technology such as AC and more environmental engines (many have the stinky polluting diesel kind). While you are likely to see some of the older vehicles still menacing the roads, major investment has gone into 3rd generation jeepneys and even e-Jeppneys. E-jeepneys are the electric variety and can been seen in a couple cities over the Philippines including Puerto Princessa (sadly, I did not see one in my limited time here).

Jeppneys are more than just style, they are an important part of long haul transportation. Taking a jeepney is often like taking a Central American chicken bus and is not for the light hearted traveler. These buses are loud, hot (most do not have AC) and uber crowded and often carry large amounts of cargo (sometimes even chickens). One of the positives, I hear that you can sit on the roofs during trips. Remember there is no unlawful death legislation here, so do so at your own risk!

 A Filipino Jeepney


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