Yo Mama is a Guatemalan Chicken Bus!

Yo Mama is a Guatemalan Chicken Bus!

I confess that I have seen a chicken bus or two. Guatemala represents the best looking ones in the world, they are a visual feast for the eyes. Their garish colors brighten up any dusty town and their embellishments are a source of pride for their drivers. They also may look oddly familiar as they are the retired sisters of North American school buses and if you are lucky, you will see a new arrival in beautiful iridescent yellow and if you are very lucky, you may see the faded out name of the school district from which it came.

Chicken buses are the main source of travel for most Guatemaltecos and for a couple bucks, or sometimes cents, you can traverse the entire country. Found memories will spring up that remind you of a cross between your first day of school and a demolition derby en espanol.

My favorite thing about the chicken buses are their names, don’t even think that these babies have plain Jane names like Maria or Carla, these beauties are high class dames, and go by such jewels as, Esmerelda, Orella, and Ophelia. Ay Mami!!

And do not think that chicken buses are native to Guatemala, nope. I have seen them in Ecuador, Belize and even Thailand.

Guatemalan Chicken Bus



  1. Luigi Leiva Says: June 12, 2009 at 11:17 pm


    I’m from Costa Rica and I tell you that, I never been in Guatemala, but I love the buses and the chicken buses are not the exception. When I was a kid I use to go to the bus stop for to watch them.
    In this country, there aren’t chichen buses,because the traffic lows are very severes with the public transportation.
    And If you visit my country, you will find only brazilian buses and not the beautiful chicken buses

  2. Luigi Leiva Says: June 12, 2009 at 11:22 pm

    OH Jesus
    I almost forget it, not all the chicken buses are made in the United Sates, because in Guatemala, You can find the Blue Bird Corporation, that builts buses for Central America, because in my country you can find this kind of buses.

    Have a great day


  3. Nice Blog…♣ ♣

  4. Haha, these buses look awesome 😀 Nice photos!

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