Top 10 things to do in Guatemala

Romantic Antigua

Want a top 10 things to do list in Guatemala? Tell most blue blooded American’s that you are traveling to Guatemala and they look at you with a strange face. Central America is off the beaten track for many American travelers but is slowly making its name for itself in the world Spanish language schools, cheap travel, and warm people.

  1. Antigua, Guatemala- Perhaps the best known city in the country. Known for it’s abundance of language schools, its relative safety for travelers and it’s beauty.
  2. Tikal- large Mayan ruins that will keep the visitor busy for days (Copan is Tikal’s more impressive cousin across the border in Honduras)
  3. Lake Atitlan- Guatemala’s largest lake surrounded by small towns. Very popular with the backpacking bunch, especially San Pedro. Aldous Huxley (think Brave New World) called it the most beautiful lake in the world!
  4. Chichicastenango- known for it’s weekly markets and colorful locals.
  5. Study Spanish in Guatemala. For as little as $80 a week (includes: room/board/20 hrs of private lessons). Xela and Antigua being the most popular places.
  6. Montericco- a quiet beach on the Pacific side with black sand and a wicked under toe, but utterly amazing sunsets. I recommend Johnny’s Place for under $8 a night. Very popular vacation spot with native Guatemalan’s.
  7. Tours- coffee, jungle, volcano, adventure- there is something for everyone here with very reasonable prices
  8. Maximon- the evil saint in the town of Santiago on lake Atitlan. He is a drinking, smoking saint. Pay homage to him by bringing him some booze and some Cubans (cigars that is).
  9. Travel in style via a Chicken bus. These are the cheapest means of transportation, I’m talking pennies on the dollar. They can seem intimidating but most locals will gladly help you figure them out.
  10. Guatemala City- only because by seeing the city, you appreciate what the rest of the country has to offer.


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Santiago on Lake Atitlan

things to do in guatemala

Romantic Antigua

things to do in guatemala

Guatemala chicken buss

things to do in guatemala

Lake Atitlan Shore


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