Cotton Palace (Pamukkale, Turkey)

The road to Pamukkale skirts cocoa colored mountains and farm fields lined up after one another like soldiers. Pamukkale hosts 2 starkly different sites, the irridescent blue calcite pools and the remains of an ancient...

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Day Tripping the Aegean

As we criss cross the Aegean, waves of deep blue smack against the boat and arid islands come into view. The Turkish flag flaps in the turbulent wind while Turkish disco music booms much to...

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Turkish Delight (Ayvalik, Turkey)

The actual Turkish Delight is a little mouth watering candy made from rose water, not the guy I met in my hostel who claimed this was his nickname (yuck!) nor the Turkish Norman Rockwell coastal...

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Weird Istanbul

Weird Istanbul is the largest, most cosmopolitan city in the country of Turkey. Besides be a glamor city and culturally significant town, weird Istanbul also harbors a vast array of natural oddities.  I saw a...

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That's So Bazaar! (Istanbul, Turkey)

Shopping is a gal’s best friend, unless you were Julia Roberts in Pretty Women. So, it comes as quite a surprise that Istanbul has been full heartedly embracing the consumption economy since 1451. Their Grand...

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Topkapi Palace: Fit for a Harem

If we are talking about things to do in Istanbul, put a big giant check mark next to Topkapi Palace. It’s a huge edifice built circa 1459 years for the Ottoman Rulers and their numerous...

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