Kinder transport to the max!

Top 10 Things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Amsterdam, while this magnificent city is mostly known for its sin, fabulous public transportation, and abnormal addiction to mayonnaise, there is so much more than debauchery going on in this town. Take a gander...

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Funny Amsterdam Road Signs

Just when you think road signs can’t get anymore mystifying, you go to Amsterdam and they jump out at you. 1. What the heck does this sign mean? I see that dogs are not allowed....

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Bike Me! (Amsterdam)

Nothing says Amsterdam like the ubiquitous bike, ok, well maybe marijuana, canals, fries with mayo also say it as well, but you know what I mean. The bike is the mainstay of the Dutch, they...

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Mijn Liefde, Amsterdam!

Okay, so we all know what Amsterdam is known for, but after living there for four years you tend to get past all that.  “Mijn liefde” is my attempt at the ever so difficult Dutch...

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