Road Image- County Kerry Ireland

County Kerry, Ireland, How I Love Thee

[google-maps height=300 width=500] County Kerry in Ireland has all that visitors want out of a trip to Ireland. Idyllic villages, curvy lanes, sleepy fishing towns, and jaw dropping scenery. County Kerry is home to the...

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Ireland Photo Collage

Ireland Photo Collage

Have too many photos of a trip and can’t fit them all in? Why not try a photo collage? These are all photos of my March trip to Ireland and only prove to illustrate hoe...

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Lonely road in Galway

Top 10 Things to Do in Ireland

What are the Top 10 things to do in Ireland? I narrowed down my most recent trip into a MUST SEE of  all of Ireland’s charms. Check out below. Old Midleton Distillery Tour in County...

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County Galway and no a soul to be seen

Photos of Galway

Galway County in Ireland is one of the most splendidly beautiful places I have ever seen. I was figuratively and literally blown away here. I was also amazed that as long as I was on...

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Lake in Kerry

Photos of County Kerry

Ireland in March is a feast for the eyes and an even grander feast when bright green fields pop against even brighter blue skies. Enjoy County Kerry and it’s spoils.

Ireland Must Reads

1. Around Ireland on a Fridge (just like it sounds, man walks around Ireland with a mini-freidge on a bet.2. Jaywalking with the Irish (my fav!- family moves to county Cork for a year; full...

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Who slayed the Celtic Tiger?

For approximately the last 20 years Ireland has had a boom economy rightly called the Celtic Tiger. Driving from county to county, you can see the results of this two-decade windfall, new houses, shiny cars,...

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Cliffs of Moher: 2 feet from death

They should really call these the suicide cliffs or the edges of death. While the cliffs are considered a national monument and have a quasi entry fee, little is done to ensure the safety of...

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