Sitting Buddhas  Wat Yai Chai Mongkol in Ayutthaya

Top 10 Things to do in Thailand

Thailand is perhaps one of the most charming countries I have ever visited. Couple that with the reasonable prices of food, shelter, and transport and you easily have a place to lose yourself in for...

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Statues from nearb Wat Pho

Top 10 Things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok has many nicknames, Venice of the East- due to it’s large number of canals, City of Angles– it’s Thai translation, and City of Sin and Debauchery– aptly named if you only visit the Ping...

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Wat Mahathat

Bangkok: Hi-Wat-age

A wat is to a Buddhist as a mosque is to a Muslim as a church is to a Southern Baptist. While Bangkok does not have the largest concentration of wats in SE Asia, Ankor Wat in...

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The ubiquitous lake shot of Mae Hong Son

Just Another Village: Mae Hong Son, Thailand

[google-maps width=”500″] Mae Hong Son is the heart of Mae Hong Son province in Northern Thailand and part of 600km loop called Mae Hong Son loop.  In my continuing series of ‘Just another…’, I wanted to...

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a small buddha statue

Doi Suthep: Dipped in Gold

Doi Suthep, or it’s more stodgy name Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep can almost be described as being dipped in gold. This temple in northern Thailand shines so bright with the precious metal, it must be visible from...

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Big Little Ancient Siam

Big Little Ancient Siam

There is a lot to do in Bangkok and one of the most thrilling places I have been to in Bangkok is called the Ancient City, or Ancient Siam. If you are hurting for a...

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Sweeping View of Chiang Mai

Top 10 Things to do in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is in Northern Thailand and is touted for its mountainous beauty and chill environment. It’s also a place many, many expats call home. It’s a great place to recharge your batteries after hectic Bangkok as...

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Getting Pregnant in Thailand

Thailand has pretty loose feelings about sex, from the famous ping pong shows in Bangkok to the popularity of Lady boys. Following that evolved outlook on the horizontal mambo, Thailand also enjoys several sex or...

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Buddha all alone

That's one Large Buddha-Phuket

Thailand is for the most part a Buddhist country save for some pockets in the South where Islam calls the shots. But the Thai’s devotion to Buddha goes above and beyond any Christian worship to...

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