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If interested in having your travel blog here, please email me: megan {at} thebigfatworld {dot} com

Travel Blog Sites:

  1. Backpacking Travel Guide – A couples travel blog created by Nomadic Samuel and his girlfriend Audrey.   The site is going to explore their travels together. They plan to feature a weekly video vlog, photo essays, backpacking tips and destination guides
  2. Don’t Fly Go – Dedicated to overland travel and alternative ways of travel in a bid to help preserve the environment and our world for future generations.
  3. Everything-Everywhere – Gary, long considered the father of travel blogging. Read from his expansive archive.
  4. Flip Nomad– A travel blog with a big emphasis on the Philippines but there is so much more!
  5. Groove Traveler – Exploring the world through music
  6. Journeying James– He did ALL of the Philippines and blogged about its beauty and economy. Check out this site for useful info about this island.
  7. Legal Nomads– Jodi is a retired lawyer and inspiring read!
  8. The Lost Girls – They turned travel into a business, a very profitable one at that.
  9. Menorca Villa + Blog – Blog about all things Menorca + villa available for rent!
  10. Nomadic Matt – Travel Better, cheaper and longer- Matt knows his stuff
  11. Nomadic Samuel – Huge Travel blog and worth a hour of exploration
  12. Nomadical Sabbatical Pete and his long term travel tips
  13. Pau Travels – A collection to travels and adventures of Pau around the world.
  14. Big Fat World Tours – Specializing in personal tours anywhere in world
  15. Perfect TravellersGroup of travellers touring the world and writing in their travel blog!
  16. Philippines Travel Guide, Tourism and other Information – Philippines Travel Guide with tourism and other information like accommodations, transportation, weather…
  17. Romancing the Planet – Karthik Reddy’s take on the world and interesting tidbits.
  18. That Backpacker – please help Audrey get more stamps in her passport!
  19. The Road Forks – Foods meets Travel. A delicious blog for anyone interested in both.
  20. Travel Toodle – Julia is backpacker who likes to head off the beaten track now and again and do things like work on a remote cattle station; live in a tent for 6 weeks; or fake it as a chef.
  21. Traveling Around the Globe – Go Rory go!
  22. Traveling Blogger – Kar’s journey and recordings of the world.
  23. Travelistic – UK travel blog by Duncan
  24. TraveLinkSites  – Great travel interviews and travel links
  25. Travel Runway
  26. Traveling With Me – Scott from rural Shropshire is living the dream in the ‘Big Smo
  27. Travel Tourism – Nice little travel blog
  28. True Nomads – Justin and Ron wander the world
  29. Vagablonding – Cheap, affordable travel with Ariel
  30. Visahunter – An all encompassing site for visa info
  31. What’s Dave Doing – Dave is on the road and making it work and blogging for our viewing pleasure.
  32. Will Peach  – The Gonzo Traveler
  33. Charlotte Pavers & Stone – A local hardscape and stone mason provider
  34. Yomadic – Nate takes you to some cool places like Burma and Tehran
  35. Altcoin Fever – A site about Bitcoin, Litecoin and all the new cyber currencies.