Life on Mars- Mui Ne, Vietnam

Fishing boats of Mui Ne

If Vietnam were your leg, Mui Ne would be located right around your ankle, just above Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Not a hot spot on many travel itineraries like Hue or Hoi An, but Mui Ne houses the most amazing martian like red sand dunes that you won’t see anywhere else.

Pair the natural beauty with an under abundance of tourists (except for a few Russians) and you have an off the beaten path haven for less than $45 a night (This includes private bathroom 100 yards off the beach).

Beware of the small children that hang around the dunes..they are wiley in the world of con artistry and speak excellent English. They will shamelessly guilt you and effortlessly detach your much precious greenbacks!


Best way to see Mui Ne beaches is by scooter. Rent one for $10 and you’ll have an entire day’s worth of adventure.


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