The Empresses New Clothes: Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An street

Clothes, clothes, clothes as far as the eye can see. Vietnam is known for a lot, war, textiles, communism, and now, hand tailored clothing. Who needs that inferior pret-a-porter when you can have luxurious cut to fit you frocks? Oh, did I mention that it is cheap, really cheap. A women can have a fine new wool winter coat for $30, new summer dress $10, skirt, $8. A man can have a Hugo Boss fabric suit cut and tailored in about 24 hours for about $100. This gal got herself a new new everything and walked away $250 lighter. Negotiating is key but most pay full price as the prices are already dirt cheap on top of perfect fits. Watch the little things though, some pants come without belt loops, no pant liners, misshapen buttons, but all that can be fixed when you try on each item.

Oh, did I mention there are several hundred tailors in Hoi An, they line the streets, all the streets, so there is no escaping the clothes.

[box type=”alert” style=”rounded” border=”full”]WARNING: Since there are several hundred tailors, it is good to know who are the reputable ones. Impressions Boutique is highest on the list, Friendly staff, great fabrics, central locations (9 stores in Hoi An) 123 Tran Phu Str Hoi An Tel: 84.510.911.339[/box]


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