Oh la la, Hanoi's French Quarter

Metropol Hotel in Hanoi- fabulous architecture

Travel to Vietnam isn’t complete without seeing Han Noi and it’s French Quarter. The French Quarter  is perhaps the most resplendent part of this animated, bustling town.

The French architects blessed this section of town with wide Parisian boulevards, leafy green canopy’s, and superb examples of French Colonial architecture. It is also the best place in Ha Noi to escape the hectic pace (and motorbikes) and take quiet strolls up and down the avenues. The quarter also houses the 100 year old Ha Noi Opera house, where concerts are held weekly for a modest sum.

If your budget proves a bit less modest than most visitors, you can stay at the lux, Metropole Hotel. This hotel is a throw back to the time when France ruled Indochina with a golden, glorious hand. I had a delightful French-Vietnamese fusion dinner here before I went to a classical music performance at the Opera. It was my most memorable night in Ha Noi and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an upscale evening.

Metropol Hotel in Hanoi- fabulous architecture

Ha Noi Opera House



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