My Thai Spirit house is better than yours!

Haven't figured out what the ladders are for
thai spirit house

Very typical Thai spirit house in Krabi

Thailand is a Buddhist country and very spiritual. This is evidence by the little Thai shrines all over the country. I am not talking about the temples you go to worship, I am referring to the little houses that adorn most Thai households and businesses. Thai spirit houses come in all sizes and opulence and are a constant staple in the lives of many Thais.

Thai Gods are like a crayon box of choices, they have Gods for the House, a sort of rent-a-cop to protect your dwelling, Gods of the Garden, Land, and so forth.

thai spirit house

This one was near my hotel in Phuket.

These spirit houses are how Thai’s pray and respect their Gods. Essentially, they are little domiciles for their God’s who normally reside in Heaven, like a sort of spirit boarding house. Daily offerings of food and water must also be made to appease your God, because no one likes a grumpy God. It’s not unusual to see a bottle of water, an orange, and incense burning at one of these houses. Most visitors don’t recognize them when they seem them but next time you are in Thailand, I am sure you will see them everywhere.

These pictures are taken from all over Thailand. More on Thailand? See my Top 10 Things to do in Thailand.

thai spirit house

Jim Thompson House in Bangkok- Spirit House

Thai home is the the left of this shrine

Haven’t figured out what the ladder is for?


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