Just another Hmong village in Thailand

Jimmy and that enigmatic smile.

Near Chiang Mai, Thailand there are several hmong villages to visit. Some are the built up variety that are strictly there to cater to culture hungry tourists and others take a bit more time and diligence to reach. Below are some photos of one such hmong village near the Doi Suthep (a big giant wat on top of the mountains outside of Chiang Mai). I am not going to go into the history and cultural differences of the hmong tribes, you can read that through this link.

One funny feature of this village was the village greeter. For lack of a name, we referred to him as Jimmy. He was all smiles and laughter and would follow around all the new visitors for a couple minutes. Take a couple shots of Jimmy and when you hand him 10 or 20 baht (30 baht= $1USD) he goes crazy with excitement. He also carries around a sort of home made musical instrument and he can be very easily persuaded to play you a tune.

TIPUpon entering this village, there is a man with a wooden crossbow and bamboo arrows. For 10 baht, you can shoot 3 arrows. He has a target set up with fruit to aim at. Highly recommended.

Hmong Village Photos


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