Full Moon Party in Thailand

Full moon party

full_moon_party_Thailand_1The Full Moon Party in Thailand is a big pile of fun. There is food and booze, carnival rides, more food, a parade and thousands of floating paper lanterns drifting in the night sky. Full moon parties are nothing new if not ubiquitous in Thailand being held monthly, always on a full moon, with hordes of foreigners and beer bongs swooping in and partying until puking.

But, Loi Krathong, is the big annual full moon party held in a variety of Thai cities as well as some places in Laos and Burma. It is the super bowl party as far as moon parties go. Chiang Mai, perhaps is one of the best places in Thailand for this annual fete. They definitely do it up right and anyone in Chiang Mai around the full moon in November knows this. Preparations for the night start early that day and even if you have no idea why (as I did), you soon start to see the makings of a great party.

First a parade starts with a variety of floats, marching bands, beauty queens, military men dressed in whites,music is blaring from ever direction and there are food stalls and full moon swag around every corner. You are supposed to buy your Krathongs, a bamboo flotation device for sending all the bad in your life floating down a river and your rice paper lanterns, so you can launch them into the deep black beyond.

Somewhere along the parade route, you will see the carnival rides, with spinning wheels and tons of kids green in the face. Loi Krathong is a night of celebration and not for getting sick from too much sugar and whirly rides.

At some point, you need to take your Krathong, that bamboo float, and make your way to the Chaweng Lake so you can launch it out along with the other thousand or so floats, do not forget to light the incense.

TipLoi Krathong is every November on the full moon, which is a floating day so plan accordingly.

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