Thailand – 5 Must Do Thailand Experiences and Places

Cape Promet

Thailand is a tourist dream land combining of tropical islands, delicious food, elephant rides and beachside, moonlit parties. You can have a varied experience in Thailand ranging from the luxury of a resort to the adventure of jungle trekking. Being easily accessible from Australia, a Thailand tour is a great trip away. If you haven’t been, make it top of your list of travel for 2014. For many tourist, Thailand is not out of reach and the money saved by staying in Thailand more than makes up for the cost of the trip over there. Here are some Thailand travel tips and the 5 must do places to see when visiting the country.


Thailand’s bustling and vibrant capital. The top sights to see are:

  • Visit Khao San Road and stay for one night for the experience, a lively street with hostels, bars and street food including crickets, scorpions and other insects.
  • Klong Boat trip – Take a boat ride on the Klongs (canals) and view how people live on the edge of the water, visit the floating markets
  • Sky bar – Visits the bar where the Hangover 2 was filmed for great views of the city, but take a wad of cash, as it’s on the expensive side.
  • The Grand Palace – Ladies cover up shoulders or wear embarrassing pink baggy shirts
  • Thai Massage – ease up muscles after a long day in the city


thai massage

thai massage

Koh Phangan

One of Thailand’s many beautiful islands, there is much to see and do:

  • Elephant trekking – take a ride through the forest on an elephant
  • Watch a muay thai match
  • Full moon party – rave it up on the beach and drink buckets of cocktails (This is loads of fun!!)
  • Hire a scooter and explore the island
  • Snorkel off a boat


Chiang Mai

A northern village treasure with markets, cooking and relaxation. Great place to stop for a couple weeks, very westernized

  • Night Bazaar – Filled with antiques, handicrafts and stalls selling clothes, home goods and other local treasures. This is one of the top attractions for tourists in the area at night and is situated on the area of ancient trading route with China.
  • Learn to cook – Thai food is loved around the world for its spice, sweetness, sourness and hints of chill and herbs. Take a course in Chiang Mai at Thai Farm Cooking where you can learn to make Thai classics such as Pad Thai form local and organic produce.
  • Meditate – Learn to meditate in Chiang Mai at the Northern Insight Meditation Center where you can take intensive courses in the practice.


full mood party thailand

Full moon party

Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai is home to 200-300 wild elephants, as well as many tigers, leopards, black bears, and deer. It is a monsoon forest and one of the remaining few in Asia. Ride on an ox cart through rice field and then ride an elephant through the jungle. You can also walk through the jungle by foot on walkways can cross a bridge to see the Haew Narok Waterfall.



This is the largest and most famous of Thailand’s islands and its towns and seaside are synonymous with partying and go-go girls. Pronounced “Puket” the island dropped the “Ko” off the end, because the island is so large. A place where people come for a luxurious holiday, there is also much deep sea diving to accompany the local nightclubs and flashy restaurants. When in Phuket learn to surf, take a safari, eat at a beach restaurant and go on a sailing trip through the surrounding white sandy islands of the west coast. If you can handle the crowd, Phuket is a memorable place to visit. Plus I have a top 10 things to do in Phuket list you can check out.


Good ole trusty, Phuket beaches

Good ole trusty, Phuket beaches

One of the best ways to experience all of this and the unique Thai way of life is to take one of the many available Thailand tours available. Just make sure that you investigate the style of the tour and whether or not you’ll be able to interact with real locals or if you’ll simply be on an air-conditioned bus for most of your trip. Thailand has positioned itself as a tourist’s playground and a land that seems like it’s been made for holidays. This positioning, in conjunction with effective marketing and a high-quality national airline, ensure that the Thailand tourism business is set to flourish for many years to come.