Weird Philippines

Ronald's Filipino Cousin Donnie!
filipino jeepney

The Filipino jeepney in Puerto Princesa

Weird seems to sprout everywhere and weird Philippines is no exception. In my continuing series of ‘weird‘, I bring you weird Philippines. I saw many cases of the weird and unusal and just plain funny here. Here is a small collection of my observations

  1. Crime. Former governer and mayor in region of Palawan (where I spent 2 weeks) are wanted for murder. See photo below.
  2. Advertising. Check out the photo of a recent ad for water and tell me what you think it’s really selling.
  3. McDonald’s. The 1st one on the island of Boracay opened in Nov 2012. See photo on why this is weird.
  4. Beach Wear. White skin is a status symbol in most places in Asia and to keep those milky white limbs in a beachy area such as Boracay extreme measures are needed.
  5. The language. Weird Philippines speak Tagalog which is a combo of indigenous language and some spanish thrown in for good measure. Everyone on this country speaks and understands most English but whst I find weird is how English is thrown into Tagalog in the flow of conversation. Watch any TV show and 80% of the program will be in local language and all of a sudden 2 sentences of English are thrown in w/o missing a beat.
  6. Transportation. Getting rom point A to B has never been so much fun from the local tricycles to the jeepneys (like a Filipino chicken bus).

Weird Philippines

Ronald’s Filipino Cousin Donnie!


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