Top 10 Things to Do in Boracay, Philippines

Station 1 sunset

Boracay, Philippines resembles Phuket, Thailand in many respects. Both are islands, their beaches are white, powdery beauties and both sustain robust tourism economies. Boracay is slightly smaller than Phuket and doesn’t feel quite as polished but many flock here for its beauty and terrific water activities. It is the premier destination in the Philippines. Boracay can be expensive from the meals to the tours but you can still find affordable and budget friendly hotels anywhere on the island. Station 1 seems to have the majority of the deals. While many things to do in Boracay are obvious, you’ll be hard pressed to think outside of the box here and should just succumb to waves and sunshine.

Top 10 Things to Do in Boracay 

  1. Puka Beach. Currently the only private beach on the island. This means there is no hotel or restaurant development and you get the real deal: ivory beaches, waves and sunshine. As an added bonus, it was the only beach where locals do not harass you to take a tour or buy something (for most part).  Taxis hear can run you 100-150 pesos from Station 1. Negotiate and let the driver pick up other fares on the way and get it for around 100 pesos.
  2. Diving.  There are several islands around here and are ripe for the dive tours.  Dive tours will run you $50 and upwards and depart daily. Plus getting your PADI certificate is a cheap option as well for $500.
  3. Golf. They managed to pack a regulation 18 on the island. It is worth hitting the links for a beach/water break at the Golf Residence Fairways and Bluewaters.
  4. Eat. This island being a top Philippine destination means plenty of expats have set up shop and brought their culinary prowess with them. A few to mention: Pancake House, Cyma (Greek), Shakey’s (Pizza) and True Food (Indian). You should also try Julie’s, a local Philippine bakery chain.
  5. White Beach Path. This sandy path basically meanders up and down the Western side of the island and is where you will find most of the western style restaurants and bars. It runs from Station 1 all the way to Station 3. You can not miss it and will traverse it daily during your stay.
  6. Rent an adventure. There are several companies specializing in renting a myriad of vehicles: motorbikes, ATVs. Segways. Kayaks, and bicycles
  7. Water Tours. Boracay has island tours, snorkeling tours, and sunset cruise tours to name a few. Prices run around 1500 pesos or $38 USD for the day but most companies will knock off a couple hundred pesos if you at least ask.
  8. Party. When you run out of things to do in Boracay, it’s time to party. This place was built for the everlasting party where every night is Friday night. Summer Time, Hey Jude,  and Epic being some of the most popular and are situated around Station 2.
  9. A sunset. The sun sets along the hopping side of the island  (Station 1, 2, 3) and as most bars have a pretty good happy hour, you can sit back and relax and watch the sun dip behind the clam waters. The colors of a Philippines sunset are truly spectacular.
  10. Parasail. The eastern side of the island is where the wind is at and the parasailing companies take full advantage offering daily tours.


Note: The beaches at Station 1, 2 and 3 are full of local tour operators and young entrepreneurs and you will be asked at least 5 times per hour about things to do in Boracay like a boat tour or to buy something such as sunglasses, hats, food, etc. There is nothing you can do (short of going to Puka beach) to avoid it. This is the Boracay experience today.


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