Riley, Party of 1 (solo travel- Philippines)

Puka Beach- Boracay

In another solo travel series of Riley, Party of 1, I bring you a couple shots from my 2+ weeks in the Philippines. I visited the posh resort town of Boracay, the gritty, hot city of Puerto Princesa on the island of Palawan, El Nido and a dive city called Coron. For solo travel, male or female, this country is extremely hospitable to the point of being overwhelming. I have never seen so many genuine smiles and concerns for the visitors who come here. They refer to Thailand as the land of smiles but they say It’s more fun in the Philippines (the current marketing moniker). American visitors are only allowed 21 daysin this majestic country on a basic tourist visa and with 7107 islands to see, you better make good use of that time. So as I pack my bag and head to Bangkok in hopes of getting a visa to Burma, I hope you enjoy these solo travel party of 1 shots (incidentally all beach shots). It’s doesn’t matter how many people you have, it’s alway a party on the road.


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