Rest Your Tired Head- El Nido Philippines

Rest Your Tired Head- El Nido Philippines


You know when you have found the Biolina Guest House when you see the Bougainvillea tree. This small 6 room guest house in Eld Nido Philippines is where I rested my head for my 5 day stay in this charming beach community. I found the guest house by accident as I had not booked a room before arriving

El Nido’s charm is in its remoteness (4 hours by van, 6 hrs by bus or a chartered flight to get here) and it’s ‘unknowness’. For that very reason, you will not find many websites or on-line bookings for the local hotels. You either roll the dice with the reviews on Trip Advisor or show up and find something. I fell into the latter category. If you absolutely want a beach room- you definitely better book ahead of time!

My bus from Puerto Princesa arrived promptly at 3am and with no lodging reserved I rolled the dice. My tricycle driver took me to a couple places where w/o surprise the owners did not wake up. At lasr, we found one where someone did wake up,  the Biolinda Guest House.

This unassuming little guesthouse run by Ronnie is where I stayed for 4 more nights. By 330 am I was tired and would have paid anything for a clean bed to lie down and sleep.

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Biolina Guest House: Ronnie and his grandson Kent Lowell

There are 6 rooms, ranging from 2 private and shared bath to 2 double witg AC and bathroom and 2 double with fans. Rooms fit almost any travelers budget 600, 700 & 800P. (40P= $1USD). It’s not the accommodation that makes this guest house great, it’s the man and family that run it. Ronnie went out of his way to make sure I was taken care of. He scheduled tours and made recommendations of beaches to see and restaurants to dine at.

The location is not set on beach but a couple streets back from the beach, a 7 minute walk to dip your toes in the crystal waters.

There is no wifi in the guesthouse but there is literally a wifi café at the foot of the stairs and for 50P an hour or the price of a latte, you can sit there relax and FB away. Hot water is another amenity lacking here but anyone who have traveled throughout SE Asia knows with the humidity and the heat, you really don’t even need or miss a hot shower.

Ronnie tells me he is thinking of adding a small breakfast, laundry and massage services (all services by his wife Maribel).

WARNING: El Nido has no power from 6 am to 2pm everyday. This is the local gov’t s way to conserve power for the growing community. Some hotels will have a backup generator but many do not. Sometimes there are evening brown outs lasting a couple hours. This is part of the package of staying in paradise.

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philippines el nido

Ronnie and his wife Maribel


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