Attractions in Puerto Princesa, Philippines

Symbol of Puerto Princesa

There are plenty of attractions in Puerto Princesa like the underground river and Honda Bay Tour. The city itself has a couple things you can do if you have a free afternoon to wander but I would not consider PP a hot bed of tourist activity. I usually would do a top 10 list but honestly, there is not that much here to really compile a complete top 10 list as many people use Puerto Princessa as a waypoint on their way to El Nido.

Attractions in Puerto Princesa

  1. Underground River. The world’s longest underground river at 8.2km and a must do for river enthusiasts. A boat and guide will take you down the length and wax poetically about all the significance. Again, if you are into rivers, you should try it out.
  2. The Honda Bay Tour. This is an all day tour that involved stops at several islands in the Honda Bay for snorkeling and general swimming. The snorkeling is pretty decent (when the weather is nice and seas are calmer). The tour varies in price from 1000-1500p (40P= 1 USD)
  3. Baywalk. A boardwalk of sorts with bricked strolling pathway and benches. Current preparations are under way for a 300 ft xmas tree and carnival like food boothes and rides for the kiddies. I can only assume the baywalk is used as a holiday gathering location for the city. The best 10 minute walk of your time here!
  4. The Blue Church. Destroyed in the war back in 1945, the church as rebuilt and is a gorgeous light blue structure. Dress approriately and you can go inside and attend mass or simply take a seat for a couple minutes. It sits across the street from Cuartel Plaza, a reminder that the spot used to be a Japanese run POW camp withUS soldiers as guests. Apparently, the Japanese was very mean captures.
  5. WWII Memorial Museum. My ignorance of the Philippines involvement in WWII was apparent before I went to this museum. The Philippines played a pivotal role in this conflict as the US successfully drove the Japanese occupiers out. This museum is near the end of Rizal ave away from the airport. Cost is 30P. Worth at least a cursury visit if you have heard of WWII.
  6. Try a worm. Tamilok, or the woodworm or actually a mollusk found inside of ritting mangroves (sounds yummy yet?) is a local delicacy. Try it ceviche style or simply raw. My constitution strickly forbids me to eat anything that would cause a severe upchuck but you luckier souls should go for it!


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