Golden Arches of India

None of this at a Mcdonalds in India

Today the little American inside me wanted to get out. I was walking in Mysore, India, a rather charming South India city and saw a familiar sight on the horizon. It seemed to beckon me and before I knew it I was bee lining for it. Awash in red and yellow love, McDonald’s was calling my name.

mcd-mysoreTrue be told, this is the 1st one I have seen in India in 4 weeks so I was very excited to go inside. A McDonald’s in India is nothing like one in the United States. First off, the workers love their jobs, I mean really love them, and actually show it with top-notch customer service. Secondly, the menu is Indian-ized. It’s very interesting to see how other cultures reinterpret McDonald classics for the local populace. A Big Mac becomes a Chicken Maharaja Mac and standard cheeseburgers are morphed into a choice of a paneer (cheese) patty burger or an aloo tikki (spicy potato) burger. Like McDonald’s fries? Yes, me too but in India you can boost them with piri piri spice, which is, like adding a mouthful of fire to each bite. Upgrade to a meal deal and you are still paying less than $3 American.

McDonald’s in other countries are also spotlessly clean and extremely chic in design so spending an hour or so grazing over your finger chips (a weird translation for French fries) is welcome and comfortable. Plus the super friendly guy behind the counter will help you set up wifi to work on your phone. Win-win in India.


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