Shopping- The new Hong Kong Economy

Shopping is a national pastime and is impossible not to find a store in which thousands of HK dollars and thousand more in US $ can be spent. All hotels and office buildings have built in shopping malls and not just average stores like the Gap or Banana Republic, I am taking high dollar mortgage your home stores. I saw at least 3 Valentino stores, Harvey Nichols, Prada (2 stores), Gucci (3 stores), Diane Von Furstenberg (1 store), Manolo Blanik (1 store) Coach, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Chanel (2 stores) and others that I simply didn’t know were high dollar or simply missed them in the list.

Hong Kong is a city of haves and have mores. Consumerism is at the center of this ‘I have this season’s $5k bag and you don’t.’ consumer warfare. Where ancient Chinese warriors fought with swords for the pride of their country or village, today it’s fought with American Express Platinum cards.


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