'Peaking It' in Hong Kong

The Peak!!

Hong Kong is a dichotomy of yesterday’s culture and customs being slowly crushed by the gleaming glass buildings of the new economy. Old ways are dying with it residents as a new shopping centers spring up like the weeds in my garden. But for all the losses, we gain a truly surreal city of how I think the world of tomorrow will appear. And nothing quite catches this view than going to the Hong Kong Peak (highest point in city) for a spectacular view.

The Peak is a glitzy, glam martini glass shaped structure (built by Hong Kong tourism board) meant to highlight the natural view of Hong Kong island below as well show off more things to buy. This bldg houses everything from 4 star restaurants to a level for video gamers and is completely encased in glass so every vantage point has a spectacular million dollar view. And, there is even a Starbucks!

Getting there:

Go to Garden road in the financial district and take the Peak Tram (the historical peak tram- there is a museum too) to the top.


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