Gambling in Macau: Friend or Foe


Gambling in Macau is the heart of Eastern gambling country. It’s about a one-hour ferry ride from Hong Kong and costs under $20.  Macau qualifies as another country for those stamp seeking folk and you can attribute 4 stamps in the old passport for a round trip excursion.

Macau is a former Portuguese outpost and was run by the Portuguese until 1999 and had the honor of being the last colony in China. This heritage is felt throughout the city in the names of streets, casino’s and even the look and feel of a European city.

Gambling in Macau or China, let alone any country is a lesson in futility. My game is craps and that is exactly how it felt in the beginning. The wranglers knew some English but it mainly consisted of casino English. Asking questions is not suggested as a garbled response of which some words I recognize spits out of the under 25 year old gambling staff. But the by the end of the day, you are listening to the Cantonese swishing back and forth among gamblers. What sounds like loud arguing over incorrect bets, or just plain stupid ones, is really just the musical quality of the local tongue. The Chinese are a very vocal group and I felt right at home. It’s fun gambling in Chinese.

[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Macau Shuttle Services: Upon arrival at the ferry, you will see a myriad of casino shuttle vans for the sole purpose of you guessed it: gambling in Macau. All of them offer free service to their respective casinos. Pick one and be whisked at break neck speed to the tables so your precious Hong Kong dollars can find themselves in the hands of the Casino bosses before lunch time. I took fell victim to the casino and invested $150 with MGM Grand.  [/box] [photomosaic]

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