One Big Buddha in Hong Kong

One Big Buddha in Hong Kong

There is certainly one Big Buddha in Hong Kong. His claim to fame is he is the world’s largest sitting Buddha, not to be confused with another big sitting buddha in Phuket. As you guessed it, it looks like a sitting bronze giant about the size of well I don’t know a giant sitting Buddha. It is perched upon a hill on Lantau Island, about a 25-minute ferry ride from Hong Kong Island. After taking the ferry, you hope on a bus through the center of the unspoiled island to the mecca of the Buddha. Please bring the vomit bag or like receptacle, as the bumpy hairpin turns the driver makes on his way up the treacherous road to the Buddha can make the strongest weak.

The big Buddha in Hong Kong is part of a monastery where every good Buddhist should travel to in their life but has recently taken on a Disney land feel complete with new ‘authentic’ village of Ngong Ping about a stones throw from the monument. At Ngong Ping one can purchase all forms of authentic and some non-authentic Chinese swag. I particularly liked the chop stick store and 7-11 tucked into the white washed replica of an ancient Chinese town. And please don’t forget to take a cable car down the hill for a measly $88 HK, about $10 USD (2010 prices).

The view from the cable car is simply magnificent. During the 15-minute ride one can glimpse the Buddha as he fades into the hill and out into the ocean as far as the eye can see. Further on the ride, the Hong Kong Airport comes into full view. Watching huge 747’s take off and land barely missing the sea on either side is a quite a sight to see.

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